Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Detroit Election: Duggan vs. Dugeon

By Charlie Kadado

Meet Mike Dugeon. That’s D-U-G-E-O-N. By day, he’s a barber at Big D’s Barber Shop on Livernois and 7 Mile. By night, he’s a write-in candidate for mayor of Detroit.

With the election just 11 days away, Dugeon could spoil fellow contender Mike Duggan’s chances of winning. Detroit voters must physically write and reasonably spell Duggan’s name on the ballot in order to vote for him.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey explains that voter intent to write-in a candidate is imperative, but will be difficult to evaluate in this upcoming election. For example, if Joe Smith is running for mayor and a voter instead writes, Jo Smith or Joseph Smith, the voter’s intent is taken into consideration while tallying votes.

Detroit director of elections, Daniel Baxter confirms that filing with the same name complicates the election process. Voters who write Mike Dugeon will now be voting for a 31-year old Detroit barber, not the former medical center CEO.

For Duggan’s opponents, this means a better chance for victory. Dugeon formally turned in his filing Thursday morning. Winfrey says anyone is eligible to be a write-in candidate, as long as they are a registered voter and have lived in Detroit for at least one year.

City election officials confirm that Dugeon is a registered voter, but he hasn’t been for very long. Dugeon registered to vote on July 12, 2012, but never bothered to head to the polls.

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